Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Why You Need A Website?

When a customer is searching for a new product or service some still use traditional methods (newspapers, adverts, yellow pages, telephone, etc) but most use (web, e-mail, ect) in the search. Although the some customers  will still use  traditional search methods, many use a company's website as the determining factor. They will investigate whether their needs will be fulfilled, the price is right and more importantly, whether they like the look of the company. "First impressions" not only count when you meet a new person, but also when dealing with a new business. By combining both traditional and newer methods, your business can  provide the prospective customer with the right signals to turn them into a life-long customer.

Friday, August 5, 2011


Unfortunately, many businesses still have the mistaken belief that a website is a waste of money.  Although it  can't work miracles on it's own, a professionally designed website is a formidable  weapon  in your marketing arsenal that no business should be without. Our turnkey websites that need very little info to get up and running. All we need is some info like  a business card and maybe a picture of your store front and a group picture of your employees, and  within 2 to 3 days you are online showing the professional services that you offer.